Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the Art of ink!

The line between tattoos and art and art and tattoos is forever blurred.

To me an amazing piece of ink is just as beautiful as a wall painting, if not more! The skill it takes to create a long-lasting, jaw dropping design on skin is often harder than it is to create the same image on a canvas. The skin moves, creases and ages in ways a piece of canvas never will.

A defining moment for me was when I was at a music festival and I spotted two kids with the most beautiful tattoos I had ever seen. So beautiful I had to go up to them and look at their arms in detail and get the artists’ name.

Robert Hernandez had inked Jack the Ripper on this boys arm in such a detailed beautiful way I stopped and marvelled at it like it was an American Impressionist painting. It was pure art!

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